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Why should you hire a cleaning service? Homeowners and businesses in Bothell, WA may ask. Should you really be paying someone just to do your chores? Well, outsourcing cleaning comes with great benefits such as saving time and money in the long run, cleaner living areas, and much more. Stay on this page to learn what else you can benefit from if you decide to hire Maid Your Day Seattle for the job.

Keeping your property spotless and taking care of your family at the same time might get you the Best Parent Award, but you also need to take care of yourself. Instead of spending hours scrubbing the tiles in the bathroom and cleaning windows, enjoy your free time by relaxing on the couch or creating memories with your loved ones. Call us for a house cleaning service today or read our services page to find out more about our work.

Cleaning service

The most significant perk of having someone to provide you with a reliable residential or commercial cleaning service is the convenience. Besides the extra time you get to spend however you want, you have the power to schedule for services when it is most beneficial for you. You also have the power to customize your cleaning plans. You can choose to have your property cleaned every two weeks, every week, or even every day.

Whether it comes to a one-time construction cleanup job or regular housekeeping, if you are based in Bothell, WA, you can count on Maid Your Day Seattle to help you with your chores. No job is too small for our courteous cleaners; and the bigger the better! They are passionate about cleaning and will go the extra mile to make sure things are cleaned the way you want them cleaned. They will leave the property while leaving you with a smile on your face – guaranteed!

If you live in the areas we serve and would like to find out more about our residential cleaning service, feel free to contact us for an in-house consultation. We will be more than happy to come and plan a service that will surpass your highest expectations! 

Client’s Testimonial

by Sunnee Lou S. on Maid Your Day Seattle
Baseboards, fingerprints and Hotwheels

To be completely honest, I thought my relationship was
falling apart... over baseboards. We were constantly
arguing over who was more tired and who deserves more
rest and why the other one should be doing more
household duties. The truth is, we both work really hard,
do our best around the house with the day to day duties
as well as being parents and everything that comes along
with that. I like to think we do a pretty ok job but at the
end of the day, we're both too beat to walk around wiping
all the sticky toddler fingerprints off of the walls, the
toothpaste that somehow ends up on the bathroom
mirror when my fiancé brushes his teeth, to reach all the
cobwebs that collect in the vaulted ceilings, the long lost
Hotwheels and dog toys that gather under the couch, etc.
Sol asked Alissa for help and her and her crew have not
disappointed. Not only did the order of my home
improve, but so did my attitude as well as my relationship.
They leave no stone unturned, no sticky fingerprints on
the door handles or walls, no cobwebs in the corners, not
a single Hotwheel or dog bone under the couch.
There is no better feeling than leaving work after a long,
exhausting day and coming home to my house that Alissa
and her crew have cared for. They care about what they
do and it shows not only by how well they've cleaned the
house but when they bring in a package that was sitting
on my porch, visit with my dog and make my sons bed
with his stuffed animals. She is frequently checking in with
me to ensure that I'm satisfied with the quality of their
service. And my answer is 1000% yes, I absolutely am and
my baseboards have never been cleaner.

Maid Your Day Seattle
Address: Bothell, WA 98201
Phone: (425) 273-8473

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